Don’t Tap on the White Piano Tiles – Force Yourself 2 Step on the Black

Don’t Tap on the White Piano Tiles – Force Yourself 2 Step on the Black

Mayday Mayday!!!! There is a new addiction in town … and you must face the music with this piano ensemble…but whatever you do, DO NOT tap on the white tiles or you will be doomed to fail!

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Ninja Bounce – Shaolin Temple Edition

Ninja Bounce – Shaolin Temple Edition.

Ninja Bounce is a springy adventure; a journey up, and up though the sky, picking up Ninja stars, avoiding the dragons and blasting baddies with along the way.  Be warned: this game is insanely addictive.

FEATURES:  – incredible worlds and levels  – broken, moving, disappearing, moveable, and EXPLODING platforms  – NINJA STARS, JET PACKs, ROCKETS, and springs that fly you higher  – Exploding booms and black holes!  – Submit score to Facebook & Twitter  – Compete against friends!

How to play:  Tilt to move left or right, tap the screen to shoot.

Great graphics and additive game play

Features: Awesome Sound Effect Awesome Game Modes Smoother Gameplay Better User Interface Released in Jul 2014 Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch,  Requires iOS 7 or later

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Linear Poker

Linear Poker

Take one card out of 5 visible in every movement. Before taking the next card one card is removed from your hand – first card on the left. After each playing computer randomly deletes one card also. Try to make most scored poker hands. The last score is an average of the results for one play. The first hand of the first 5 cards are scored twice!

Fruit Snatcher

Fruit Snatcher

Nilmerg is a creature who loves fruits but is too lazy to get them himself. Help him on his crazy plan to steal the fruits from birds who carry them. * INSTRUCTIONS COMMON TO ALL LEVELS:

You will control a contraption equipped with a launcher and two baskets for collecting fruits. This contraption follows the mouse horizontal movements. The launcher is activated by pressing the left mouse button.

The goal of every level is to collect a certain number of fruits under a time limit.

Besides fruits, a small clock may appear, which will extend the level time when collected.

If Nilmerg falls off the contraption, move that near him. Someone will come to kick him back.


On normal levels busy birds are flying around carrying their fruits. Nilmerg have to hit them to make the fruit fall. Points are awarded if also he knocks birds off.

As the game progress, on some normal levels you may encounter two more characters:

– THE NINJA, which will try to steal the fruits before you collect them. You can knock him off to make him drop the fruits he steals and get some points too.

– BIG BIRDS, which can’t be knocked off, so they become in the way too often. Also as the levels progress, more will appear, and they will become more annoying by pooping into the contraption if the Nilmerg makes them angry. Poo may fill the baskets preventing fruits from being collected.


On Fruity Rain levels, as the name suggets, is raining fruit. No birds or enemies, just fruit.


On these levels Nilmerg will be stealing from bird’s nests. You will find out that he needs to get inside the nests, as just hitting them from below is not enough to make the fruit bounce off. So you must make Nilmerg bounce around to get inside. Birds won’t like it for sure and will kick Nilmerg out, but at least he might be able to push some fruits out before that, for the contraption to collect.


On these levels you will have to hit a gong to make a fruit fall from the sky. Some stones may get on the way.


On these levels you face a giant bird who carries a basket with fruits. You must figure out how to steal from him. Hitting him to make him angry so he swings more the basket to make fruits fall, or making Nilmerg jump inside the basket so he can throw fruits out too.